Champagne Opening Video Clips from Graduated Students

Hooding and Commencement Ceremonies


Farewell dinner for Dr. Wei Han and Dr. Xukai Xin, April 2013

Pizza lunch party, March 2013




Chrismas Special

Xinchang's Birthday Party

Stone Mountain Hiking

Farewell dinner for Lei Zhao


Group Party at Stone Mountain Park, December, 2011

Lunar New Year Party, February 2011



BBQ Party, April 2010
Lunar New Year Party, February 2010


Dr. Jun Wang and Dr. Myunghwan Byun's Graduation Commencement, December 2009

BBQ Party for Celebrating Jun Wang's Successful Defense, September 2009

Matt Goodman's Graduation Party, July 2009
Dumpling Party -- Celebrating Lunar New Year, January 2009

Group Holiday Party, December 2008
Group dinner at Fuji Japanese Steak Hous, November 2008
Group party for Suck Won Hong's graduation, June 2008
Suck Won Hong defended his Ph.D thesis, April 2008
Materials Research Society meeting in San Francisco, CA, March 2008
American Physical Society Meeting in New Orleans, LA, March 2008

Farewell dinner for Jun Xu at RedLobster Restaurant, December 2007
Jun Xu, Dr. Zhiqun Lin and Dr. Richard Lesar at Pre-commencement reception, December 2007

Celebration for Jun Xu's successful final defense, September 2007
American Physics Society Meeting in Denver, CO, March 2007

Hot-pot party at Suck Won Hong's home, September 2006
BBQ at Brookside Park, August 2006
American Physics Society Meeting in Baltimore, MD, March 2006
Farewell Dinner for Jianfeng Xia at Applebee's, January 2006
Trip to Chicago, January 2006

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