Zhiqun Lin


 School of Materials Science and Engineering
 Georgia Institute of Technology
 3100K, Molecular Science & Engineering Bldg
 Atlanta, GA 30332-0245
 Phone: 404-385-4404; Fax: 404-385-3734
 Email: zhiqun.lin@mse.gatech.edu
 URL: http://www.mse.gatech.edu/people/zhiqun-lin




Positions Available


We are seeking graduate students who have interest in (a) Crafting Monodisperse Nanorods and Janus Nanostructures via Rationally Designed Nonlinear Block Copolymers as Nanoreactors for Energy Conversion and Storage, and (b) Perovskite-based Materials and Devices (LEDs, Solar Cells and Photodetectors). Candidates are highly encouraged to contact Prof. Lin (zhiqun.lin@mse.gatech.edu) regarding the research interests.


Positions are open for undergraduate students who are interested in gaining research experience in Nanostructured Functional Materials. For detailed research projects, please look over our research group website and contact Prof. Lin at zhiqun.lin@mse.gatech.edu.


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